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Envy, Prayer ..Self-Centeredness

So ..getting excited for the High School Retreat this weekend with some vey special students from Ridgecdrest Baptist Church. We are studying what the Bible has to say about Envy...Yes, the old green-eyed monster.

Why do we always want what someone else has? Why is what we have never enough? Could it be we are consumed with ourselves? I think so!! We had a discussion this past Sunday about prayer and I asked my Sunday School girls to think about the first five things they pray about when they begin a prayer...9 times ou of 10..they prayer request has "I" or "ME" in it.....

We need to put our focus on God first and then focus on praises and intercession for others in need before even mentioning ourselves.

Cannot wait to see what God reveals this weekend .....thankful that God put me back in the position to love on and encourage the youth at RBC. 0 comments
Hey Ya'll

This is a new adventure for me...but I surely have lots of 'free' time on my this will be my journal of sorts. With 2 kids off to college. I just have time to share.

My first blog will be about passion......this has always been a measuring tool for me to share with my kids when they were in school when they were having to make major decisions. Of course, my first discussion with them was to pray that God's will be done in their lives.....but after that, I asked them if they had a passion for what they were going after.

I mean.....they weren't going to be professionals at the interests they were pursuing so I just said do it because it is your passion. Because you see if something is a passion for you, you will do your best at it.

More tomorrow.... 0 comments